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Wildlife Garden Consultancy - for gardeners who care

Gardens cover about a third of the space in cities, towns and villages and are vital connections for a range of wildlife such as hedgehogs, birds, insects and amphibians.


Whatever size garden you have, from a balcony to a few acres, it can be a source of food, shelter and breeding space for wildlife.  Even if your garden doubles up as a football pitch, or is a quiet place to sit and relax, it can always do its bit for wildlife   

Haven 4 Wildlife's Wildlife Gardening Consultancy offers garden owners the following options

  1. 1 hour visit to grade the garden and offer verbal suggestions of how it can be improved for wildlife

  2. 1 hour visit to grade the garden, take photos and produce written report (emailed within 2 days) and an optional telephone call to talk through the report

  3. 1 hour visit to grade the garden, take photos and produce a written report with plant suggestions (emailed within 5 days), follow up seasonal phone calls x 2

  4. Individual plan after telephone discussion to suit your needs

Your garden will be graded either Bronze, Silver or Gold

Contact Jo at or by phone on 07940064345 for more information and prices

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