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Why are the bumblebees in Spring so big?

What's happening inside a solitary bee hotel?


Why is it important to have plants with different flower shapes?


Are these some questions you'd love to know the answer to?

Haven for Wildlife offers online events for you to learn more about the wildlife you see in your garden.  With a limit of 10 people per event there's plenty of opportunity to interact and ask questions.   To find our more, click on one of the links below to see times and prices of each event




Introduction to Nature Journaling

Price includes all materials and refreshments

Introduction to Nature Journaling (1).jpg

The talk on solitary bees was fascinating.  I gained lots of knowledge and loved seeing the video of bees in action.  It’s nice to know what will (hopefully!) be going on in the bee hotel I recently bought.

The course was very well structured, good amount of time for questions. Right amount of info and questions and I liked the YouTube video addition too. Felt like I learnt a lot in a relatively short space of time. Thanks Jo, look forward to the next one!

I learnt a tremendous amount about bees that I previously had no idea about.  It was a clear & concise presentation, which held my attention to the end!!

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