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It is often thought that a garden is either a 'proper' garden (neat and tidy) or a 'wildlife garden' (a messy wilderness full of weeds) and never the twain shall meet.


Haven 4 Wildlife aims to encourage people to garden with wildlife in mind so that their planting choices, gardening style and maintenance is sympathetic to bees, amphibians, birds and mammals without the gardener compromising on form and shape.


Knowing why something helps wildlife is often all it takes to convince gardeners to make some changes and that's at the heart of Haven 4 Wildlife. 

Haven 4 Wildlife offers talks and presentations covering (but not restricted to)


* Gardening with wildlife in mind

* Bees and other pollinators

* Plants for pollinators

* Homes for wildlife

* Life in the pond

Laptop, projector and screen available when we can meet in person.  Bespoke talks provided for a fee agreed in advance. 

Now available on


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