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 Nature Notebooks

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"Excellent videos and a very well presented talk, would highly recommend"

Upcoming Talks 2024

* Tuesday 5 March- Bishampton Tuesday Club - Wildlife Gardening 
* Thursday 18 April  - Wildlife Gardening - Wildlife Gardening



Welcome to Haven 4 Wildlife!

Hello! I'm Jo


I find the pull of nature hard to resist. For me, getting outside, looking for and at wildlife is something I need to do.  For others their way  of uniting with nature could be gardening with wildlife in mind, walking in a woodland, strolling along a river bank, swimming in the sea or playing in the park.


Sadly, this union is sometimes a one sided relationship.  Unequal give and take can leave nature the underdog - fragmented, depleted and suffering.

But we can help - and in helping nature we help ourselves


Gardening, taking part in practical outdoor activities or just sitting and contemplating the world around us is known to have a positive impact on our health and wellbeing. Combining this with doing something that helps wildlife to live, eat and breed benefits both nature and people.

Haven 4 Wildlife is here to support and encourage people to start thinking about how they can help wildlife in their gardens and continue to improve them if they already do.  

Haven 4 Wildlife offers online nature talks and can, where possible, give talks in person.  The online talks are updated regularly, so contact me at if you'd like to join the mailing list.


It can also support people to get outdoors and feel the calming and satisfying effect of being with nature

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"Jo was lovely and had a lot of knowledge on the subject of solitary bees. Offered good advice as well as showing a great video. Thank you for the great talk Jo"

"The talk was really informative and we really loved watching the video of the solitary bee laying her egg and brushing the pollen off her body. Wouldn't get to see it anywhere else!"




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wildlife friendly garden 


The talk on solitary bees was fascinating.  I gained lots of knowledge and loved seeing the video of bees in action.  It’s nice to know what will (hopefully!) be going on in the bee hotel I recently bought.

The course was very well structured, good amount of time for questions. Right amount of info and questions and I liked the YouTube video addition too. Felt like I learnt a lot in a relatively short space of time. Thanks Jo, look forward to the next one!

I learnt a tremendous amount about bees that I previously had no idea about.  It was a clear & concise presentation, which held my attention to the end!!

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